Website Design

Once upon a time, and perhaps a few times more, I designed websites for guilds and small businesses.

That time has mostly passed. I can still make a basic site. WordPress does most of the heavy lifting. I still understand audiences, accessibility, mobile-friendly design, and search engine optimization. Those don’t change.

I still cringe when people try to get fancy. It usually backfires, if not immediately then in a few years. Pictures and fancy features cannot be read on a small screen or by search engines. Browsers still don’t agree on how to implement everything. Even programmers within the same company can’t agree. Plain text on a plain background with information your audience will find useful keeps both audience and search engines happy. Pictures interspersed keep it interesting. Spend your time and money on content, not bling.

The content on the old business site will slowly, perhaps glacially-so, be moved to this site.

Meanwhile, I’m going to spend my time knitting and telling stories.

Thank you for your interest.