Prices — Old

This is what I charged in May 2015.

Free 30-minute consultation, then $30 per hour, minimum 15 minute block.

Note: I cannot fully customize the look of your site. You will get a site that is accessible, mobile-friendly and fully-indexed by Google. Not getting the exact look you want is a small price to pay.

I usually spend 15 hours on a site.

  • 5 hours discussions, including overall organization, advice on content, and choosing a theme provided by WordPress, with some customization.
  • 5 hours focused training and/or content entry.
  • 5 hours more because it’s never as smooth as that.

I charge full-time if I am actively teaching, and half-time to be available while you practice, provided I can work on other projects at the same time. Training is best done in person, in front of a computer.

Most sites require 1 hour of content updating every few months, which you can do yourself. This is usually announcements, pictures, and converting future events to reports on past events. Or, you can pay me to do it.

WordPress does software updates automatically. Rarely, but often enough to be worth checking, these will affect how your site is displayed. You or I should check each page every few months if you have fancy formatting.